About Raw Talk Online

Raw Talk Online Radio spawned from the brain of current owner, Charles "Chaz" Richardson. Before R.T.O. was created, Chaz ran a EDM music internet station called Power 1 Radio. The idea of building a all talk station came after the music royalties went through the roof and resulted in the closure of many internet stations, including Power 1 Radio.

Shortly after Power 1 Radio went under, Chaz found a internet station looking for a morning show. The station was called The Party Pirate in Tampa Florida. Chaz and his friend Dave went down to the studio to audition for the spot and with no time wasted were hired. The Power Trip Morning Show was born.

Enjoying doing the show and being uncensored, Chaz found joy in talk radio and wanted to take it up to the next level.

Sadly the party was over at the Party Pirate station and the show went away. But that didn't kill the fire that burned to do talk radio again.

A few years later Chaz moved from Tampa to start his new life with his current wife. Getting settled in, Chaz took one of the spare rooms in the house and turned it into a home for a possible show. 

The studio was nothing to write home about. It had 2 mics wired to a 2 channel mixer and 1 desk with 2 basic mic stands.

The sound quality left something to be desired and the timing was off at times, but it was a work in progress.

Chaz found a few people who shared the same desire as he did about doing a show.

First, Chaz wanted to try his hand in sports talk radio...he met El Bushman and attempted a show called "The Smack Talk Sports Show".

Well that show got smacked after 3 episodes.

He found out the hard way that a "casual fan" doesnt make for good sports talk. It takes alot more.

So, Chaz thought of a show that would fit his personality...Aggressive Talk about any and everything in current events and beyond. 
No filter, uncensored, and "Raw".

In April 2015, The Mad Talk Show was born. 

With the addition of Matt-D and his wife Alyssa, they formed a well oiled trio.

But, The Mad Talk Show didnt have a "home" expect for the podcast site called Chaz figured this would be awesome for other shows to have a home. To find other shows and podcasts that share the uncensored freedom of internet talk radio.

On January 2016, Raw Talk Online Radio was born with the website

Since then, Raw Talk Online Radio has added over 2 dozen shows to the lineup and still growing. Listenership started out small but keeps growing every month.

Adding a solid LIVE morning show lineup to give the other shows a great lead in was another key step made possible in late 2016.

Now, people all over the world looking for entertaining talk radio don't have to search Google anymore, they have found their home right here.